Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 2

    Introduction and Setup

  • 3

    Back End: .NET Core + PostgreSQL

    • Building the Data Layer

    • Connecting to PostgreSQL

    • Setting up Makefile and Adding Data Models

    • Continuing API Development and Basic SQL

    • Starting Controllers and Services

    • View Models and Service Development

    • Expanding Serialization and Controllers

    • Making Test Requests with Postman and Bug Fixes

    • Continuing Service Layer Development

    • Completing our API

  • 4

    Front End: Vue.js

    • Starting Front End Development with Vue.js

    • Creating the Inventory Dashboard

    • Creating Modals: Receiving Inventory

    • Creating Modals: New Product Modal

    • Starting the Front End Service Layer

    • Creating the App Layout

  • 5

    Full-Stack Integration and Bug Fixes

    • Bug Fix: CORS and Sending Inventory Data

    • Implement Typescript Types, Newtonsoft JSON

    • Upgrading Styles, Saving New Products

    • Adding new API Endpoints

    • New Feature: Manage Customers Screen

    • New Feature: Manage Customers and Invoice Generator

    • New Feature: PDF Export

    • New Feature: Tracking Sales Orders

    • New Feature: Charting and Vuex Pathify

    • Bug Fix: Updating Chart without Refreshing

    • Invoice Wizard Feature Development

  • 6

    Unit Testing and Automation Testing

    • Bug Fix: Snapshots, Back-End Unit Testing

    • Testing Vue Components with Jest

    • Automation Testing with Cypress