Learn to Code, Together

Real-world, hands-on focus

The mission of Productive Dev is to provide the highest quality self-learning resources for software development available anywhere.

When I started my career in software development, it was difficult to find resources that connected with the scope of projects I worked on. The overall quality of online courses varies greatly and often stops short of covering crucial parts of real world development, including debugging, testing, and thinking critically about things like naming, architecture, testing, and trade-offs - all things you'll encounter as a software engineer during your career.

I believe anyone with the willingness to practice is capable of becoming a great software developer. This process can be fun and rewarding.

That's why I created Productive Dev. I want to help you learn to code and level up your skills as a developer through the process of continuous learning and hands-on practice. I wish you all the best on your journey.

Wes Doyle
Founder, Productive Dev